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😏51% Just for fun! 

👿29% moral issues

💰19% Small bucks gaining!

🍔1% bounty hunting

And… 90% cyber threads should have been prevented...

Hackers- the biggest threat that’s bringing down companies to dust! Nothing hurts more than losing your years’ hard-work to someone who was just doing it for fun or to make some easy bucks! Well, how safe is your data or company? Are you well protected from hackers?

Image result for Jay F. Kramer, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation According to Jay F. Kramer,(Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cyber Division, New York Office), through many years on field, hereby  7 useful tips for SMEs to prevent from Cyber Threads:

Source: Forbes

  1. Understand what your network looks like, even after all the mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations. Create a map of your networks and prepare a list of devices on the network and users on the network.
  2. Back up your data routinely and store it offsite.
  3. Know where your most important data is being held. Think about where it should be held and the protocols to gain access to that information.
  4. Develop policies for cybersecurity.What policies govern the use of data and networks by employees? Train your employees on use polices. Define where your logs and data are being held. List applications running on the network, including applications developed in house.
  5. Be aware that bad actors could be already be in your system right now and have been for a long time. Make sure your IT departments are aware of updates and are patching vulnerabilities in your systems.
  6. Develop a response plan in the event of an attack. Have a plan to work with your attorneys, PR firm, your Board of Directors. Have a team of forensic experts and outside firms available.
  7. And finally, establish a relationship with your local FBI office today, before there’s a cyber-attack

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