Trellix Platform

A living, learning XDR ecosystem

Introducing the Trellix Platform, a composable XDR ecosystem that adapts to the challenges of your business.

Trellix Platform

  • Applications

    Get comprehensive, non-invasive protection for your cloud-native applications, through secure agile DevOps and visible deployment environments.

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  • Cloud

    Maximize business agility through zero trust principles and protect against front-door, side-door, and back-door attacks, all while streamlining policy management.

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  • Collaboration

    Our email and collaboration tool security protects against high-volume exposure points and attackers, automating for optimized productivity and enabling secure and agile teamwork.

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  • Data & Users

    We secure your data no matter where or how it moves, with security that applies intelligence at scale and adapts across the enterprise.

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  • Endpoints

    Keep your organization resilient with adaptive prevention that adjusts and responds in machine time to threats. Customers trust 75M endpoints to Trellix.

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  • Infrastructure

    Block malware and sophisticated attacks on your infrastructure with security that learns through dynamic inputs, adapts with sophisticated responses, and configures to your needs.

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  • Learn & Adapt

    The Trellix Platform learns and adapts for living protection while delivering native and open connections and providing expert and embedded support for your team.

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Leader – Unstructured Data Security Platforms
2021 Award Winner Endpoint security
Best-Of Endpoint Protection
CRN Tech Innovator Finalist, Cloud Security
CRN Coolest Cloud Companies
Best-Of Cloud Access Security Brokers
Best Cloud Security Service

Trellix is trusted by the world’s leading and largest enterprises

More than 40,000 customers, including nearly 80% of the Fortune 500, rely on living security from Trellix.


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