Automatic Vehicle Identification

    • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
    • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)
    • Vehicle Importation Border Control
    • Success Story: Banjercito

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  • The UrbanPass Solution

    • The Dual Technology UrbanPass Transponder
    • The UrbanPass Smartphone Application

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  • The E-Plate

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Leading through innovation is our passion

Innovation and Patents

Neology holds over 300 patents and patent applications worldwide for technology. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and specialized engineers in the areas of applications, systems, software, antenna, and process engineering.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Neology’s manufacturing facilities offer high volume RFID inlay and label packaging as well as secure printing solutions. Our continued investment in state of the art equipment enables capacity of more than 90 million units per year.

Our smart label packaging capabilities are the result of 15+ years of experience delivering secure printing solutions with embedded RFID inlays. Our smart label products feature unique antenna designs to match surface and frequency requirements for specific applications and incorporate holographic, reflective, and highly secure films for printing solutions with hidden security features.

Neology Facts and Figures

Founding Year: 1986

Privately Held: One Equity Parnters

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Number of Employees: Approximately 230


For more details about Neology, please contact us via email