Trust no file. Trust no device.

Solutions bring to life the specific use cases that OPSWAT products are ideal for.


  • Cross-Domain Solutions

    File transfer involving secure environments is problematic. OPSWAT delivers a secure transfer process across the entire perimeter

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  • Secure Device Access

    Enterprises struggle with security enforcement of unmanaged devices and endpoints. OPSWAT confirms that every device complies with security policies.

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  • Network Access Control

    OPSWAT delivers zero-trust visibility, security, and control both inside and outside the traditional network environment with NAC and SDP solutions.

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  • File Upload Security

    Cybercriminals frequently upload files through web apps to spread malicious content. OPSWAT combines anti-virus engines to detect the latest threats.

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  • Malware Analysis

    Analyze files with all of the leading anti-malware engines through a single interface.

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  • Email Security

    The majority of malware continues to be initiated via email. OPSWAT protects your organization against advanced email attacks.

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  • Storage Security

    Protect your on-prem or cloud storage services and maintain regulatory compliance.

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  • Developer Tools

    Join hundreds of security vendors benefiting from OPSWAT Technology – providing industry-leading device and data security.

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Comprehensive Platforms to Power Critical Infrastructure Protection


A comprehensive cybersecurity platform for preventing and detecting advanced cybersecurity threats across multiple data channels.



Confirm devices comply with security policies before accessing any cloud applications or local resources, while delivering cross-enterprise visibility on a single pane of glass.


Our Customers

Our products are trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide to protect their digital assets and keep their data flow secure. Companies from a vast range of industries use our next-generation deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR), multiscanning, file-based vulnerability assessment and cloud access control technologies to gain strong protection from both known and unknown threats.

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